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Posted By: JohnInKansas
22-Feb-13 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Latest Windows 8 Update (& Win 8.1)
Subject: RE: BS: Latest Windows 8 Update
Apparently gnu has been reading too many threads started by the couple of well-known regulars prone to cryptic comments that they expect everyone else to understand, since they're deluded by the belief that everyone else thinks in exactly the same bizarre ways as they do.

It would have been helpful to know what it is about the update that isn't liked, perhaps - - - or maybe not ... .

Of course my initial premise here may be incorrect, since there is accumulating evidence that the same symptoms may be caused by excessive use of Win8 since it's another step in the Microsoft campaign to exploit their discovery that all their new products must be attractive primarily to idiots, having realized that "only idiots are buying our new junk."

I believe we must all offer our sincere and tender support until the gnu recovers from this (hopefully transient) aberration, or until we determine that it is due to Win8 in which case professional intervention will likely be required, possibly by instututionalizing our friend. (Perhaps the thought of the cold bed pans favored by the principal nurse at our best known institution for such cases may revive him, but she'll have one ready for his personal treatment should the situation require it, I'm quite sure.)