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24-Feb-13 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: Origins: How many versions of Geordie
Subject: RE: How many versions of Geordie
Here's the US/Canada versions I've put on:

Charley's Escape- (VT) pre1823 Green Mountian Songster
Georgia- Larkin (IL) 1868 Musick JOAFL
The Life of Georgia- Ashby (MO) c.1870 Belden A
George E. Wedlock- Dusenbury (AR) 1875 Randolph C
Georgie- Jencks (MI) c. 1876 Gardner
Georgie- Chandler (OK) 1896 Moore
Georgie- Dunaway (AR) c 1897 Randolph D
Go Saddle Me- Wormser (MO) 1909 Belden B
Georgia- Shibley (MO) 1911 Belden C
Charlie Condemned- Williams (KY) 1911 Thomas
Geordie- (NE) pre1915 Pound BK
Charlie (Geordie)- Wells (NC) 1916 Sharp A
Charlie (Geordie)- Gentry (NC) 1916 Sharp B
Charlie (Geordie)- Buckner (NC) 1916 Sharp C
Georgie- McAtee (WV) pre1917 Richardson-Cox
Go Saddle Up- McAtee (WV) 1918 JOAFL
Georgie (Geordie)- Donald (VA) 1918 Sharp D
Charlie and Sallie- Elliott (PA) 1919 Shoemaker
Georgie (Geordie)- Bowyer (VA) 1918 Sharp E
Georgie (Geordie)- Boone (NC) 1918 Sharp F
Georgie- McNeill (NC) c. 1921 Brown No. 38(4)
Georgie- Hart (VA) 1921 Davis A
Geordie- Mulleins (VA) 1921 Davis C
   Geordie- (VA) 1921 Davis D
Johnny Wedlock- Tillett (NC) 1924 Chappell
The Life of Georgie- Underwood (MO) 1928 Randolph A
Georgie- Waddell (MO) 1930 Randolph B
Georgie- Stikeleather (NC) 1925 Gordon
Lovely Georgie- Simmonds (NL) 1930 Greenleaf
The Death of Geordie- Russell (VA) 1932 Niles
London's Bridge- Russell (VA) Davis 1932
Georgie (Geordie)- McAllister (VA) 1935 Wilkinson
As I Walked Out on London Bridge- Russell (VA) 1936
Georgie- Devlin (NJ) c.1938 Lomax REC; BK
Georgia- York (NC) 1939 Brown Collection
Geordie- Webb (NC) pre1940 Brown Collection
The Life of Georgie- Richards (NH) 1942 Flanders
Geordie- Bray (NS) pre1950 Creighton A
Geordie- Dodson (NS) pre1950 Creighton B
Geordie- Kennedy (NS) pre1950 Creighton C
Georgie- Mehrten (CA) 1952 Cowell
Georgie- Mehrten, Dorothy (CA) 1952 Cowell
Geordie- Hatt (NS) 1952 Fowkes BK
Georgie- Gaunt (RI) c.1954 Leach
Georgie- Skaggs (AR) 1954 Parler B
Georgie- Sigmund (AR) 1955 Parler A
Geordie- Pease (WV-MA) pre1957 Musick
Geordie- Hackler (KY) pre1957 Roberts
Georgie- McAllister (VA) 1959 Clayton and Foss
Georgie- O'Bryant (KS) c.1959 Hunter B
The Hanging of Georgie- Joines (NC) pre1968 REC
Georgie- Hayes (TX) 1969 Hunter A
Georgie- Watson (NC) pre1970 Rinzler
Georgie and Sally- Ayers (WV) pre1975 Gainer
Georgey- Fanning (CT) c.1779 Douglas

You can access the individual version here:

I'm missing a few versions listed on the page,