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Posted By: GUEST,gordon haskell
24-Feb-13 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
its looking like 'showtime' February 2013. I take some gratification that the BBC are being exposed and everything is becoming clearer culminating in what appears to be aligned with Satanism, mad as it seems. But then they are all mad. My instinct has proved to be fantastic and almost incredible. I know now at 66 years old that I should have paid more attention to it. I was right on the button for years. That feels good. There is a connection between The Tavistock Institute , the new world order and Fripp and Eno and Bowie. Yet , I think they may still be naive despite their pseudo-intellectuality and hold over the buffoons out there. But that's how I feel about the power structures too. Fripp always claimed you are only as good as your weakest member when talking about a band. He was right about that .They are all as bright as George Bush and we all know how dumb he was. So how could they ever hope to pull this 'thing' off? Their incompetence , their arrogance and their lack of moderation ,combined with their self-delusions, their deceit and self-deceit, their invincible ignorance--all of these will contribute to their downfall. I hope I live to see it. Evil only prospers when good men do nothing.