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Posted By: Jim Carroll
02-Mar-13 - 04:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Wife of a Soldier (Bertolt Brecht)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Wife of a Soldier (Bertolt Brecht)
When people joined MacColl's Critics Group they were given a number of pieces to learn to assist with pitch, articulation, difficult and unusual intervals etc.
This was one of them - it got me hooked on Brecht.
Not sure of the accuracy of the scan and have been unable to find it in the maddeningly poorly indexed copy of the complete Brecht poems we have.
Jim Carroll

Bertold Brecht
In the yard of a prison, that at last they might shoot him,
He stood back to a wall built by men such as he was.
Even the rifles that were levelled against his breast
And the bullets had been made by men like himself.

They were by this time long departed or were scattered,
Yet for him they lingered, still present in the work of their hands.
Even the men who would shoot him, they were not other than he,
Now forever cut off in their blindness.

Bravely he walks, still encumbered with fetters,
With fetters forged by his comrades, and hung on him by his comrades.
And though it was morning then; four at daybreak a martial them out,
The buildings were empty and still.

But to his eyes they sheltered now a number host
Of workers who stirrings and aims are his own.
Now they led him forth against the wall,
And all this he perceived, yet understood it not.