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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
06-Mar-13 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
Subject: RE: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
There used to be an occasional quiz in one of my puzzle magazine that gave a bunch of well-known phrases, and gave a binary choice: Shakespeare or the Bible? Amazing how often people are wrong on that... even those of us in that we-know-religion group!

Might some of the correct answers be "Both"
The King James Version, well known in the UK, and from which a lot of the well known phrases come, was a collaberation in translation & making the prose sing. It is quite possible that Shakespeare was a contributor to the final mix.
Often suggested as evidence in Psalm 46 in which (in the KJV)the 46th word is "shake". This may not seem much evidence, but counting back from the end of the same psalm the 46th word is "Spear".
Stangely the online version: makes it the 47th word (counting back).