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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
08-Mar-13 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hamas shuts down Gaza border...
Subject: RE: BS: Hamas shuts down Gaza border...
""Hamas said that the problem was due Israel's refusal to lower its fees for use of the crossing""

Not exactly an altruistic action for the benefit of hungry Gaza strip residents then?

""The cargo crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip, which was shuttered last week after Israeli troops shot three protesters,""

Slightly different story from the OP reference to a rocket.

""Hamas forced the contractor operating it on behalf of the PA to stop, with allegations of price gouging and striking truck drivers apparently prompting the move.""

Not exactly the same as claims that Hamas acted out of a desire to control the crossing. Seems they may simply be trying to combat corruption.

Isn't that the legitimate pursuit of elected governments? And last I heard, Hamas, not Israel, governs the internal afrfairs of the Gaza strip.

That is my one and only comment on this entirely unnecessary self indulgence on the part of the ubiquitous Israeli apologist, Bearded Bruce.

Don T.