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Posted By: gnu
09-Mar-13 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: why did I think windows 8 would work
Subject: RE: why did I think windows 8 would work
Gargoyle... your funny bone is broken in two and YOU have shoved both halves up yer ass sideways. The only thing that doesn't work is you and your perception of your superiority, even more so than your perception of your wit which ain't worth a shit. You are actually an intellectually inferior piece of trash with shit for brains and the social skills of a periwinkle. I would suspect you have a small dick too but that wouldn't matter seeing as what a big fuckin prick you are or perhaps, should I say, would be if you actually had the intelligence to realize your own failings regarding perception and human conversation. I am sure yo mama would be proud of you if she would admit to being yo mama.

Read your own words... it's an old joke about the fingers... to my mind... you just stuck them up your own ass for the world to see. You got no funny bone. You are a funny bone. Nobody laughs with anyone who simply posts to shit on others in an attempt to demonstrate false superiority. They don't even laugh at them. They pity them or view them with disdain.

Me? I call em assholes.

Don't bother to post any reply. I shant be arsed to answer to idiots.