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Posted By: Don Firth
11-Mar-13 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
Subject: RE: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
Pete, there are a number of actual historical people mentioned in the Bible. Several Roman emperors during and after the appearance of Jesus. Several of the disciples. Herod.

But other than the Bible, where is the evidence for the existence of Moses? Aaron? Abraham? Ezekiel and his wheel (UFO?)? Jacob and his ladder? Daniel and the den full of lions?

Or, for that matter, an actual living, breathing Adam and Eve?

Where is the Garden of Eden? The Tower of Babel? Any independent archeological evidence?

The Sinai Desert, where Moses and the Israelites are said to have wandered for forty years, shows no archeological evidence for a large group of people wandering around during the alleged period in history when they can find evidence in relatively sheltered areas of 6,000 year old shepherds campfires here and there. But no large groups of people.

Also, recent evidence has shown that the ancient Egyptians, contrary to previous beliefs, did NOT keep slaves. They considered maintaining large numbers of slaves to be economically unfeasible. Believe it or not! (That surprise me, too!)

Sorry. Only in the most diaphanous way can the Bible be considered to be any kind of reliable history, beyond what a folklorist might be able to glean from it.

Note: I seriously question the strength of the religious faith of someone who has to have concrete evidence to support that faith. That's not faith at all!

Most religion, and that includes Christianity, is based on legend, metaphor, myth, and folklore, all of which as meaning in and of itself. Read a bit of Joseph CampbelL.

This does not mean the the tenets being taught are not true. But consider the case of Doubting Thomas, who would not believe unless he had concrete evidence. That is NOT faith!

Don Firth