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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
11-Mar-13 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Psychobabble!
Subject: RE: BS: Psychobabble!
I think the point may be being missed. Probably me not explaining very well and having the advantage of hearing the author being interviewed on the radio! I think he spoke a lot of sense about people becoming too reliant on self-help, self-analysis and advice that generally puts pressure on the advisee to try and be something they are not.

As I said, and I will underline again because as sure as eggs are eggs I will be accused otherwise! I am not saying the author is right or wrong. I just believe it is a refreshing change to have someone give an opposing viewpoint what seems to have become the norm. Even if he is making a name for himself and a bob or two on the side :-)

As Amos says - The self-help 'explosion' does contain a lot of dross. I am sure there are some gems but how does the ordinary man in the street tell one from the other? Better surely to listen to all views, take most of them with a pinch of salt, make your own mind up and realise there is not a magic solution for everything!