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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
12-Mar-13 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Psychobabble!
Subject: RE: BS: Psychobabble!
Dave, thanks for the link. Psychobabble is for real, and it's something we need to be on the alert for.

I don't encounter it much anymore, but I can think of one example: it is a widely-held opinion among young people that no one except a parent must ever correct a child or interfere with it in any way. It just isn't done!

But one day, in Florida, I was in a parking lot when a 3-year-old boy started running, escaping his mother, who had flipflops on and couldn't run. The kid was completely ignoring her cries. I said to myself, "To heck with the rules!" and I spun around and caught the kid. I told him, "Listen to your mother when she calls you, and go to her."

The kid, panicked by an encounter with a stranger, ran straight to her. And I am not kidding, a few seconds later a Hummer backed up. And as we all know a three-year-old cannot be seen at the back of a Hummer.