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Posted By: bubblyrat
14-Mar-13 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: Help: Meaning of 'Chicken on a Raft'
Subject: RE: Help: Meaning of 'Chicken on a Raft'
Some Naval slang from my 11 years ;
    Dabtoes - Seamen ,usually specifically boats ( cutter,whaler etc ) crews , as they wore white plimsolls.( US-gumshoes ?)
      Bootnecks - Marines
      Fish-heads - General Service (surface fleet ) sailors
       Airey Fairies - Fleet Air Arm ( naval aviation) personnel
      Joss Man - The Master -At-Arms
       Jaunty - ditto
      Joss Man's Runner - Miserable ,anchor-faced type who wanted to become a "Crusher" ( Regulator) the bastard.
       Anchor Faced - Excessively keen and enthusiastic about the Navy
       Big OD - Opposite of the above
       Big F - Commander (Air)
       Little F -- Lt.Commander (Flying)
       Pier Head Jump - An unexpected sudden draft (posting) to a ship
       Burbs - Rain coat
       Windy Burbs - Jacket ,Working ,Windproof
       Wanchai Burbs - Oriental bamboo and paper umbrella
       Pusser's Hard - Hard,unpleasant-smelling Royal Navy soap
         Dhobi or Dhobey - Washing , laundry
         Dhobey-Dust - Powder for above
         Dhobey-Bucket- Container for above !
         Magic Dhobey -Bucket - Washing machine !

   Shall I continue ?? There's lots more !