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16-Mar-13 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
Subject: RE: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
don firth,-point taken i may have read more into what you said about faith.but to give an example by way of clarification:-we cannot prove the existence of many historical figures outside of written accounts,sometimes written years after said figures lives, but it is reasonable to accept them.christians consider that they have a reasonable faith on the testimony of the biblical writers.sceptics reject these accounts because they have a purely naturalistic worldview.
thankyou for the clickys.i read most of the material.i note that egyptians did keep slaves[sometimes large numbers]contrary to your origial mention,though i notice that your last post qualified the previous one.and in fairness it was a long article.
.."a book of questions.."care to elucidate?
pilate asked "what is truth".if only we knew if that was mocking,wistful,or searching and sincere.