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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Mar-13 - 01:02 AM
Thread Name: why did I think windows 8 would work
Subject: RE: why did I think windows 8 would work
I bought my computer in July with Windows 7. I finally gave in to temptation and paid $14.99 to download Windows 8 Pro. I paid an extra $14.99 plus shipping for a backup disk, which I haven't opened - so I'm guessing that was wasted money. And as I have said, I really like Win 8 Pro - mind you, I have the pro version. I think I have Win 8 Pro on the other computer I bought for work, too (but I'm not sure of that right off).

Windows 8 has a very nice "reader," and it's set as the default reader for PDF files. The only thing is, the "reader" does not seem to have a "print" function.

  • Go to your folders and find the file you're looking for, and then right click on the file name to open a menu of choices (right-clicking always opens a context-related menu. If you haven't been right-clicking, you're missing out on a lot of features you've had since Windows XP or earlier.

  • I cannot emphasize this enough - you need to learn to use your right mouse button.

  • Select open with.... and a selection of programs will appear. Mine shows Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, and "Reader." I can add other programs to that list if I need to, including Microsoft Word. I have Adobe Reader X, but I could download Adobe Reader XI at I'm happy with Adobe Reader X, so I won't get XI until some day when I have time to fool around with it.
    Anyhow, I can print with either Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader, but not with the new default "reader." You can set one of the other readers as the default program to open PDF files, but I prefer to refrain from printing and I like the new Reader.

  • So, printing PDF files with Windows 8 is simple - just open the file with Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and a host of other programs - but not with the default program, Reader.

    Somebody above said that Adobe Reader has trouble printing in Windows 8. I can't verify that - I haven't had problems.

    And although I kinda like Windows 8 and I really like Windows 7, the best configuration I've had was Windows XP and Office 2003, with Google Chrome as a browser - that did everything I would like to do on a computer, including photographs and scanning and OCR (but not sound work). Trouble is, XP runs very sluggishly with a lot of the other applications and antivirus devices and browsers available today, so I'm forced to use a newer operating system. And I don't really mind. I like the free games available with Windows 8.