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Posted By: Jim Dixon
18-Mar-13 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Butter and cheese and all (Greasy Cook)
Subject: Lyr Add: COOKEY'S COURTSHIP, etc. (Bodleian)
From the Bodleian broadside collection, Harding B 11(692):

[London, between 1819 and 1844]

'Tis a pity you should teaze me so, for to attempt to sing,
For it never was in my power to do any such a thing,
But since that you do plague me so, I'll try what I can do,
And when it comes to the chorus, why you must bawl out too.

'Tis of a cook who fell in love; the truth I don't deny,
And why a cook should be my choice, I'll tell you the reason why:
Because of plenty of pies, plum-pudding and roast beef,
And when my belly was empty, she gave to it relief.

T'other night I received an invitation, supper for to take,
And kindly did accept it, all for my belly's sake.
After supper was over, of the cupboard she got the key.
One pocket she stuffed with butter; the other she cramm'd with cheese.

Now the supper was over half an hour or more,
The master smelling of the cheese, came tapping at the door.
I not knowing where to hide, did up the chimney fly,
And there I sat quite at my ease, like a sweep exalted high.

I had not long been there a-sitting at my ease,
When the fire began to melt my butter, likewise to toast my cheese,
And every bit that fell in the fire, it made the fire to flare.
The master looked up the chimney and swore the devil was there.

Then he went to the chimney top, down let the water fall,
And I came tumbling after, butter and cheese and all.
Now safe down the chimney, with a smutt and greasy face,
Unto the street door I quickly run, and out of the street was chas'd.

The dogs did bark and children squall; up flew the windows all,
And all the old women cried out "well done" as loud as they could bawl.
Now to conclude my ditty, I hope I have not kept you long,
So we'll all proceed to harmony, if that gentleman will give us a song.