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19-Mar-13 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
Subject: RE: Test Your Knowledge of the Bible
don- your quote from the compromising mr deem is typical of many who try to marry darwin with bible,as is your assertion that evolution is a proven fact.
i did not say that ussher was exactly spot on,but even if you threw a few more generations into the biblical data you still only have thousands [if you really stretch it ] yrs of humanity . i can also provide ref to hebrew scholars that affirm that day [heb=yom] in gen 1 means exactly as traditionally believed.
mr deem gives more credance to darwin than Gods word but tries to dress it up IMO.YOU,YOURSELF as a liberal christian are more honest - you just dont believe the bible in its historical grammatical meaning as accepted in most of church history.scripture does answer the question of origins and many scientists also believe that-
"only belief in Jesus Christ can open our eyes and give us the correct view of the world.before i was a christian,i never felt really content with the evolutionary world view,which i had produced too many contradictions and left open too many questions.only the truth in the word of God is able to give a full comprehensive answer to our basic questions of life and death"
dr markus blietz.astrophysicist