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Posted By: Steve Shaw
24-Mar-13 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Militant atheism has become a religion
Subject: RE: BS: Militant atheism has become a religion
It is actually of very little interest. What a bloody thing to waste time labouring through. It's the same old story. Certain persons of faith feeling so threatened by rational people disagreeing with them that they have to try to imagine that we over here have an alternative belief system, that we're angry, that we're militant, that we're equivalent, in effect, to some wacky religion or other. I have to call myself an atheist (annoying in itself) because I'm cast in that mould by believers. No invention of God, no believers, no atheists. The whole thing is your doing, not ours. We don't band together conspiratorially like Christians, Muslims and Jews do (cf. AIPAC). We don't capture people into our "cause" (by christening, for example) at least twenty years before they understand the notions that bind. We don't preach stuff because we have nothing to preach about. We are not equal and opposites to believers. That legitimises believers beyond all justification. You pontificate from the pulpit, claiming that myth is truth, via programmes on the radio and telly and by indoctrinating school kids from the age of five. We haven't got an opposing body of knowledge to you because there is not the information to possess one. That is a damn sight more honest than Christian belief, which deals in myth as truth, uncertainties as certainties and the entrapment and brainwashing of children. So don't come the old, worn-out "militant atheist" bollocks. We are pussycats without a central organisation, unlike the racist, authoritarian, misogynistic setups of the three major religions, and your false characterisation of us betrays not only crooked thinking but also an unhealthy, rampant, unjustified fear.