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Posted By: Joe Offer
15-Aug-98 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: Music writing software?
Subject: RE: Music writing software?
Say, Barbara, how does MusicTime turn sheet music into MIDI's? I haven't had any luck with programs like that myself, and have found it quicker to transcribe tunes by hand into Noteworthy Composer.
Noteworthy is shareware - Click here to get to their Web site to download the program. The registered version is well worth the $40 fee, but the shareware works pretty well for free. I have had some trouble converting Noteworthy MIDI files to ABC with Alan's MIDITXT program, but Alan promises to fix that.
About the only big thing that I don't like about Noteworthy is that they don't have the musical version of "word wrap" - the staff continues in a vertical line, from the beginning to the end of the song. I need a monitor that's three feet wide and three inches high. They seem to be talking about fixing that. Of course, if you're working on an orchestral piece with 8 staffs of music or more, you probably wouldn't want to wrap your staffs.
The MIDI program I found easiest to use was the music part of DeskMate, that I got in 1988 with my Tandy computer. The ex-wife got it in the divorce settlement - I didn't want to keep a Tandy just for the music program, and the ex is very proud to have a 1988-vintage computer that she doesn't know how to use.
-Joe Offer-