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Posted By: Claire M
29-Mar-13 - 07:42 AM
Thread Name: Review: Steeleye Span @ Cambs Corn Exchange
Subject: Review: Steeleye Span @ Cambs Corn Exchange

I apologise in advance in case this sounds a bit incoherent.

I was lent a medieval costume dress by a carer who's into that, thinking it would fit the occasion. It was black & red with a gold bodice & stays (sorry don't know modern equivalent of word). Apparently it was a fancy-dress costume for Halloween! I thought it was one of those in those catalogues I used to get in my Goth days. The big flappy sleeves kept getting in my way – good job I hadn't had anything with gravy.

Another carer took said friend, who i'm pleased to say didn't kick off once. He & his carer weren't sitting with me, which, as much as I like him, was a relief because he would've talked the whole way through it.

I've always loved gory songs, fairy tales etc, which is probably why my luv of Steeleye & Maddy endured while my luv of other bands/singers hasn't. I'd never heard 'Tam Lin' before, but I knew of it & that it was also a song.
"HAD I KNOWN …...." she yelled, actually frightening me because she was so into the character.

I've often felt like I made Steeleye Span up (daft I know) because they just feel "right" for me, & I always come back to them. When I haven't played their stuff/seen them live for a while, I feel like something is somehow wrong. They didn't disappoint. I was referred to as being "away with the faeries" afterwards. That must be like how people feel when they're on something.

Despite not knowing a lot about Terry Pratchett's work I loved the 'Wintersmith' songs, & will make an effort to read said book of same name & others.   As a fantasy writer myself, one song made me cry my eyes out – the idea of the young witch heroine having no life of her own & wanting this/that written for her because she can't actually do it, resonated & really got to me.

I actually felt like I was watching Iron Maiden, who I also like. I don't know where the Crystal Kingdom Steeleye/said book refer to is, or where you can get the Crown of Ice – the fleeting token that melts away, but I want to be THERE & wear it NOW.

I thought Maddy was dressed a bit plainly in the 1st half but she changed into a sort of silky pinky-orange dress & looked a bit like a flower.

She gave a big grin in my direction & I felt like said Crown of Ice itself (my gargantuan crush is well known & is the object of good-natured teasing – let's call a spade a spade shall we) I hadn't had a very good day but it was completely turned around.

Said friend loves 'Gaudete' – it's one of the 2 he recognises, the other being 'All Around My Hat'. I love the former dearly. I'm sure it was a bit lower but it sounded sinister (=good) that way. He was just pleased that he got to see Maddy's legs when she flashed her petticoat at him. (Men!)

Maddy seemed to like the dress & kept touching it while chatting to us. Unfortunately it had to be washed so I could give it back to who lent it to me. Bugrit!