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Posted By: catspaw49
01-Dec-00 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: Help: Good thoughts for Dad
Subject: RE: Help: Good thoughts for Dad
Jeff.......My best thoughts to your Dad and to you. He joins a large club of bypassers and I'll bet when he leaves the hospital, he complains more about his leg than his chest! They'll teach him how to cough without screaming, then ask him to cough to keep his lungs clear. These people are a million laughs. No one but you will be able to warn him about the first sneeze though. Try to have someone around to scrape his blubbering mass off the floor after he sneezes! Assuming they wire his sternum together after splitting it with the broad axe, tell him he will no longer be able to go through airport security clothed or naked without setting off the simpleass metal detector. And tell him to shorten his backswing and he can play again in 6 weeks (if his leg isn't still driving him nuts). WEAR THE HOSE!!!

Spaw ('97 Quad By-Pass)