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07-Apr-13 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Babette: "Got news for you... Obama is neither a king or a dictator... No matter what he privately might want to do there aren't constitutional paths for him to do it... He's doing about as much as he can do given his constitutional powers..."

WHAT!!!???? He's doing everything to eliminate OUR Constitution Rights!!..Jeez....haven't you been hearing the news??..or only reading your Democrat Party pep talk pamphlets??

Babette: "Again, lets do some reality:

Babette: "1. Obama was handed 2 fucked up wars..."

...and got us into a couple of new ones!

Babette: "2. Obama was handed the worst economy since the 1920s...

...and made it a lot worse!

Babette: "3. Obama was handed the Congress that has been the most obstructionist since 1860..."

...No he wasn't..that is an outright lie!...He had EVERYTHING...and pissed it all away on that fucked up, freedom closing Obamacare....if he wanted to he could have done virtually anything he wanted...but instead, rammed through, behind the 'closed doors of transparency' stupid bill that, even more stupider, the dick-wads who voted for it, DIDN'T even read it!!!...and the ones that were on the fence were bribed with exemptions from it!!!....and a lot of them were NOT re-elected for it!..Get a clue!! Now that's what you call representation?????

Babette: "4. In 2010 the wealthy bought even more of Congress with their Tea Party puppets who are out to destroy the government...

The 'wealthy' ALREADY owned Congress, The presidency and both parties!
How do you think numb-nuts got in????