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07-Apr-13 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
..and all those 'shovel ready jobs"!....yeah, he was 'shoveling it', alright......made them corporate/banksters a LOT of money, which never made it to those guys with the imaginary shovels!!!
Imagine that!

...or giving Jeff Immelt half a billion dollars, and made him 'Jobs Czar'...only thing, is that he must have not told him that the jobs were needed in America...Jeff was so dizzy, he made a left turn and gave it all to China....Happy Wal-Mart shopping!!

...not to mention those all to important bailouts....except the people who needed it aren't buying the yachts, that those who got it are....

...and then there's always that job explosion of Obamacare...seems they'll need it, because they're sick of nobody being able to get jobs, because employers are no longer employing because of it...
Well, at least we got another 140,000 new IRS agents to 'administer' health care!

...glad the Post Office is doing a bang out job...sorta like a preview of things to come!

....and look at all the jobs he 'created' by lying about the sequester, why, when the lay offs didn't happen, they'll count that as 'newly created employment'!!

..even notice that, as in this month, 88,000 NEW jobs created....and only 362,000 new unemployment filings...and then they post that the unemployment rate dropped another tenth of a per cent??!!!

..makes great 'pep talk' material...the orgasm should last another day an a half!

Oh doesn't matter....if you believe that shit, it's only because you're addicted to shit!