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Posted By: Stewie
02-Dec-00 - 12:04 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Unfinished Life (Kate Wolf)
Subject: Lyr Add: UNFINISHED LIFE (Kate Wolf)
Here you go - lovely song:

(Kate Wolf)

It's an unfinished life
That I find lies before me
An open-ended dream
And I don't want to wake
I've crossed so many rivers
In search of crystal fountains
I've found the truest paths
Always lead through mountains
I've seen water on the sky
And fire burning on the lake

You said to me
I cannot make you happy
Like a wounded bird
You must find the strength to fly
Time can paint the tree tops
With colours of the rainbow
But you cannot find the end
No matter how you try

It's a journey with my soul
That I am taking
One that only goes
From the cradle to the grave
Going 'round in circles
Like painted dancing horses
Up and down we ride
On the wooden courses
And light from a lover's eyes
Is all that I can save


So I'll take the day and run
Out across the open fields
Where the grass grows high
And the shadows fall
Where my eyes can see
All the colours in the air
So quiet that the wind
Whistles in my hair
And takes the rising dust
And carries it away


Words and music Kate Wolf. Copyright Another Sundown Publishing Company BMI.
Source: Kate Wolf 'Close to You' Rhino CD R2 71482.