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Posted By: GUEST,Fred McCormick
09-Apr-13 - 06:39 AM
Thread Name: Songs About Thatcher
Subject: Lyr Add: THATCHER'S DOWNFALL (Fred McCormick)
Here's part of a song I wrote at the time of Thatcher's Downfall, which is what I called the song. Apologies for not being able to remember all of it. Apologies also for it not being better polished. But as Ronald Reagan used to say, "They didn't want it good. They wanted it Thursday". It goes to the tune of Bold Robert Emmett, The Darling of Erin.

The votes they are counted, the outcome decided,
And a new leader they will have to cheer.
And I am defeated and shamefully treated.
And I, Maggie Thatcher, am out on my ear.

After fifteen long years at the helm of the party,
I can tell you I am highly annoyed.
Though the jobless I created and their numbers inflated,
I never expected to join the unemployed.

But the worst of this pox is that the cardboard boxes
Are taken by the homeless I put out on the street.
And since we old souses sold off council houses,
I've only a back bench to lay down and sleep.

And as for the bleeder they chose for their labour,
Around him they'll rally and they will him salute.
But come the next crisis, then my good advice is,
To break out the long knives - give the buggar the boot!

Yeah, I know. But there's people in the music industry being paid shedloads of money for stuff that's even worse.