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Posted By: Don Firth
09-Apr-13 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
I think they have it, Bobert, and I will leave them to it.

It seems that whenever?IF ever!?the Niggardly Goofballupagus Bastard asks any kind of question of us and loudly demands a response, they (it) have it buried in such a pile of base insults and wild-eyed rants that it's next to impossible to detect it as a question.

I know that my knowledge of political science is well-founded and I'm well up on current events and I know who's trying to do what and why they are trying to do it.

Whenever it's possible do actually decipher Niggardly Goofballupagus Bastard's spittle-spraying ranting and raving (which is rare), the question that emerges is loaded and dumb, like "do you still beat your wife?"

I'm not going to play their stupid game. They're here merely to inflate their own egos anyway.

Now, watch it say, "So you can't answer my question and you're taking the coward's way out!!! I BEAT you, I BEAT you, I BEAT you!!!"

No. I'm not going to waste my time with someone whose mind is close, locked, and incapable of understanding or participating in a rational discussion and prefers to indulge in personal insults instead.

Besides, Niggardly Goofballupagus Bastard BORES me!

Don Firth

P. S. Reminds me of my loony neighbor down the street who is convinced that "THEY" have drones hovering outside her window and "THEY" are spying on her. "Who?" you ask. "Obama!" she whispers, so she can't be overheard by the hidden microphones the FBI has hidden in her apartment.

Why the hell would Obama or the FBI want to spy on her?