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10-Apr-13 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Well thank's nice to know that several people here who share the same opinion, and provided proof with links, are pretty sharp! Makes one have to question the quality of our education system!
Don, as well like to boast his 'educated' political science prowess, but also seems to be able to answer questions straightly, without trying to 'win'(as he calls it), people to see 'his' way....without providing VERY LITTLE real substance, and resorts to trying to 'win' (as he calls it), over the consensus by attempting to manipulate the bias, by discrediting(?), whomever he is 'losing' (as he would refer it)the discussion with.
Don't you think, (even off the top of your head), that that is somewhat stupid??...that is, IF you are trying to impress others with his prowess??s?? ...and moreover, trying to share REAL information, to educate??
I know, Ebbie, that you share certain political views and biases, from those views....we agree on the single payer plan as being 'superior' and the correct spelling of 'root' vs 'route'...but even you may stop and think this a little you have 'so-called' liberals who favor government over corporations. I have argued for years, now, that they are one and corporations have been corrupting the political system, right?..and that they have corrupted
BOTH parties, right? Bobert takes exception to that, saying it's the Republicans and the Tea Party, right?..ya' with me now?
Monsanto writing bills to be slipped into the Democrat budget, which is signed and endorsed by the President,...
Lobbyists filling his cabinet postistions.... and Rockefeller the creator of 'Obamacare'?? ..Geithner, from the IMF, our Treasurer, who is BORROWING massive amounts of money, under the guise of putting people back to work('questionable stimulus'), only to find out the bankers and corporations are holding onto it, not releasing, while we pay MASSIVE amounts of interest to his banking buddies??..'increasing the budget by trillions....paid in interest, while cutting back social programs.....
..and then you feel it 'objectionable' to question wisdom of self professed 'educated' people about this, by other educated people?
Only to have them accuse us of being 'haters'?..'bigots'?..and that we 'don't know anything'????
OK..we don't know anything..OK??..YOU TELL USE, then!!

Fair enough??