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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
11-Apr-13 - 02:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
So, you're saying, 'It depends who's doing it, if it's OK?
Is that specific enough?
Your talking politics, as opposed to principles and values??
Are you insinuating that they can't or shouldn't be of the same substance?? no matter who is doing it??
Do you see ANY ideologue politician out there, whose values match principles, down to their personal lives??....because they are being the change and standing for a better 'idea', that just might have integrity involved?....Not particularly one you like, exactly, one who is up front and reads what he votes on, and his vote is cast representing the will of the people, rather than an agenda, that cloaks its intentions?

I D-o-o-o-o-o-n't think so....and that is where your politics sucks square eggs, because truth doesn't hide an agenda..that is only hidden from those who don't want to look at the truth...or unless they're blind!....Oh, and there are a lot of blind people out there...convincing people to trust in their hidden agendas, which they bring about by deceit, cunning, and trickery.
We've talked about the media...and corporate corruption of the body politic...but the corporate owned media owns both biases..let's say Fox vs MSNBC....and the corporate interests, through their stories being reported, aim their biases and arguments to the left or right, depending which flavor you be, and who you like to listen too.....and there is a BIG gap as to how the same story is reported....enough, to form two very opposed view points. So we strut our selves, wise in our conceits, and have contention and related hostilities in our country, arguing the very points, using our 'sources' in the media....which is like a cat chasing it's tail...because that big corporate mindset, that owns the media, dictate the national dialogue, and while America argues...they just keep slippin' more stuff through, into law, that's sole purpose is to make us subservient, while paying them for our chains.
And if you have no principles or values, this is perfectly alright, isn't it?
....or is that too many questions?