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Posted By: Bobert
12-Apr-13 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: I don't hate President Obama.
Krinkz, a.k.a. N.B, and his buds cannot or will not allow the reality that being president is not like being a king or dictator so they poo poo the political realities that go along with the job...

Okay, let's take Guantanamo... What happened when Obama tried to push to shut it down???

Let's do some review... What happened was the Republicans in Congress blocked him by refusing to fund moving and keeping these people here in the continental US... There were states willing to take them but the Repubs used trickery to stop that...

Repubs 1
Obama 0

Then the Repubs blasted him for not shutting it down as he promised???

Like I have pointed out a thousand times here: Obama ain't a dictator... He's not a king... He understands his constitutional limitations and doesn't push the envelope... At his point in his 2nd term Bush had more signing statements and executive orders... Obama has been sensitive to his place in history and he deserves credit for that...