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Posted By: Stringsinger
14-Apr-13 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama Hate Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: Obama's Budget
Obama has made a serious error by putting FDR's Social Security and Johnson's Medicare "on the table". Of course the GOP has not done better by insisting on deeper cuts to public programs. The enactment of the NDAA is a serious breach of democracy.

The Second Amendment has lost it's historical meaning. No British soldiers quartered in America. A well-regulated militia doesn't call themselves the NRA.

The other big mistake will be to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline against the criticisms held by climate scientists over the world. There are a few nutty dissenters but they carry no weight and are mostly shills for corporations but that's another thread.

The Democratic and Republican Parties have both been corrupted by lobbying money and John Roberts (who should be impeached for claiming corporations are people in the Citizen's United ruling). That's also another thread.

The problem is that the system is broken. Money has corrupted it. Obama is not totally to blame here but it has to be shared by Congress, some members of the Senate, the Tea Party, The GOP and Dems.

There are no good actors in the halls of government these days which is controlled by corporate interests (a definition of fascism) and the dilution of the effectiveness of government agencies bought out by the revolving door.

We need a strong grass roots movement to push Obama into better decisions. That won't come by moaning and groaning, whining and pulling hair out over Obama. It's time to grow up and take action.