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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Paddy Will You Now
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Paddy Will You Now
Harding B 14 (92), dated to 1839. Cf. "Riley's Daughter":

                 PADDY WILL YOU NOW.
Once I was a roving blade,
   And often with girls went a cruizing,
My landlady was kind to me,
   But my landlord he was always a busing, [sic]                                  Tow, row, row, Paddy will you now
Take me while I'm in the humour that's just now.

My landlord he went out one day,
   And left me at his house a calling,
The girls they all come tumbling in,
   Like bees that's in summer swarming,

Now there was one amongst the rest,
   Her name was Eliza Kenwick,
I put my arm around her waist,
   And placed my hand on her band of music,

As I was going up the stairs,
   I saw this fair maid's door [l]ie open,
Says I my love, tis just my trade,
   To stop all doors that I find open,

Then quickly I laid her on the bed,
   And gently put my right leg over,
The deuce of a word this fair maid said,
   But wriggled herself till the job was over.

To my surprise I heard a noise,
   Who should it be but her cross old mother,
She caught me by her daughter's side,
   And arrah blood an ound you've kilt my daughter.

Quick I leaped off the bed,
   And seized the old girl by the hind quarter
Then rammed her up against the bed
   And served her as I served the daughter.

As I was going down the stairs,
   The cross old fool come tumbling after,
And at every step she took she cries,
   Their goes the man that kiss'd my daughter. [sic]

As I was passing through the door,
   Who should I meet but the sly old father,
With a brace of pistols in his hands,
   To shoot the man who'd kiss'd his daughter.                           

To put an end to this gay sport,
   I soused his head in a pail of water,
And rammed his pistols down his throat
   And left him to cure his wife and daughter.