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Posted By: JohnInKansas
14-Apr-13 - 10:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Another Boring Best-of List
Subject: BS: Another Boring Best-of List
Since many, if not most, recent threads intended to expand our intellectual horizons seem to have been rehashing of old topics of interest only to the confused and befuddled, it seems appropriate that I should join the crowd with a link to an article that appeared recently in which "a panel of experts" from MSN Entertainment have listed their "one hundred favorite movies."

By avoiding an attempt to pick just one or two "best" movies they've come up with a list that may be reasonably acceptable for a larger number of people than is usual for shorter lists (they call them "more selective"?) that are seen more often, and might give a better idea of what's been "representative" of a broader spectrum of US tastes, especially for those elsewhere in the (real?) world.

We found 31 titles in the list that we have, mostly by accident, in our DVD accumulation collection so there is some agreement with our tastes, bizarre as those might be.

The list also suggested about 13 we recognized and don't have that might be worth watching for in the "really cheap" bargain bins, with another 4 or so we might consider "if we're in the right/wrong mood and they're begging for someone to help get rid of them.

A little over half (51) on the list were mostly recognizable, but in the WDGAS category and we'd probably tip them a dime or so to NOT try to get us to take one home, not because they're bad but because the just don't interest us in any particular way.

The movies in the list are apparently US releases only, so those who live where better ones can be found should not take offense at omissions.

The link below is to the list, but each title in their list is a link to a sample picture and some comment about the movie. All of the linked picture/comment pages have links back to the list.

The posted pitch:

MSN Entertainment 100 Best Films

"While it is impossible to come to an organized and fair consensus on what the best movie of all time is, it's much easier to reach into our own psyches and pull out the movies that we love. The movies that evoke some emotion in us; spine-tingling fear, tear-jerking joy or laughter, edge-of-the-seat thrills or the feeling that, having seen the film, we can now somehow see the world in a different light. These movies stay with us throughout our lives.

"MSN Entertainment has gathered a list, a long list — along with lists from a cadre of our contributing movie writers and critics — that covers our favorite movies of all time. Our writers describe how each of these movies has impacted cinema, society and, often, their own lives. Enjoy. — Kent Laird, lead editor, MSN Movies"

(They left out "Bad Day at Black Rock" (Spencer Tracy), "The Red Barn" (Cagney) and "The Secret Garden" (O'Brien) but they're probably a bunch of young pups who don't know about movies when they were really movies that scared the sh*t out of little kids.)