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Posted By: Songwronger
16-Apr-13 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Subject: RE: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Runners saw bomb sniffing dogs ...before the run ...what , did they knew about the bombs ? and did nothing ? what is going on there ...

Our government bombs us occasionally in order to keep us in a state of fear. To be fair to the Boston police, they were told there was a bombing drill going on. They seem to have thought the event was staged until they saw the carnage. This operation appears to have been carried out by a larger agency.

If the FBI is doing its job, they're rounding up known bombers right now, people like Bill Ayers. Mr. Ayers should be made to give an accounting of his wherabouts yesterday, as should all of his known friends and associates.