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Posted By: jacqui.c
16-Apr-13 - 07:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Subject: RE: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Why do so many people on this thread have to start fighting - it really does get to be distressing. After what has happened are we REALLY going to get uptight about the definition of words. Why is it so much more important to start bringing out pet theories as to the nature of government than to commiserate with those who have been injured or lost loved ones. Are your egos really that important? Some of you disgust me.

In all of this I am trying to concentrate on the goodness of so many people after this event. The guys who ran toward the danger, rather than away from it, helping those injured and maybe dying. The guy who brought out the remains of his pre-race party food to feed those in need. The people who opened up their homes to stranded runners, feeding them and offering beds to those who could not return to their hotels. There is so much more good out there than the few evil people who cause so much misery. Shame this thread does not follow the same pattern.