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Posted By: GUEST,Mark
19-Apr-13 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Mimsies, clapsies? Origin?
Subject: RE: Mimsies, clapsies? Origin?
For us it went:

Plainsies [toss ball in the air and catch it]
Clapsies [toss ball in the air, clap twice, and catch it]
Twirl about [toss ball in the air, spin around, and catch it]
To bapsies [or some word like that. Toss ball, touch opposite shoulders, catch ball]
Right hand [toss and catch ball with right hand]
Left hand [same with left hand]
Touch your knee [toss ball, touch knee, catch ball]
Touch your toe   [toss ball, touch toe, catch ball]
Touch your heel [toss ball, touch heel, catch ball]
And away we go. [toss ball between legs; catch ball]

Repeat the cycle - but with two claps after each toss.
Repeat the cycle - but spin around after each toss.
Etc. until you toss the ball between your legs each time.

Once you miss, you have to start over.