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Posted By: Steve Shaw
19-Apr-13 - 07:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Subject: RE: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Atheism is such a stupid word. Like when you were a kid and kept repeating a particular word until it became utterly senseless. Maybe that's what Jacko's trying to do. Make us keep saying "atheist" until we think it's senseless.

Nah. He's not that clever.

It is a stupid word though. My one issue with Richard Dawkins is that he didn't ditch that word. I hate saying that I'm an atheist (though I am one, 99%, sort of). "A" means "not", or "without". "Theist" means something or other to do with someone's God. I'm not without someone's God though. I'm not involved. That's only what they think, because they have a God of some sort that they appear to have invented, and I don't agree (I can only be 99.9% certain that he's only invented, though. Grrr). But I wouldn't be an atheist had they not invented him. It's only because they invented him that I'm here. Had no-one ever thought to invent God, there would be no faith and no atheists. So I have to ask myself what I've done to be an atheist. The answer is, nothing. Tell me that you believe the moon is made of green cheese. Well, I don't believe that (though I can only be 99.9% certain that the moon isn't made of green cheese). You've made a ludicrous assertion that can't be backed up with evidence (a bit like your God) but which I can't actually decisively disprove. So I have to spend the rest of my days as an agreencheeseist. Had you not come up with your ridiculous notion (but which you were very careful to construct in such a way that it couldn't be disproved, as with your God), I wouldn't be an agreencheeseist. I'm an agreencheeseist only because greencheeseists invented me. I didn't do anything to be branded an agreencheeseist (except try to be rational), but I appear to be stuck with it. I hope you can see why I feel a bit cross when I'm branded "atheist" all the time before I can have a discussion about this stuff. My position is carved out for me by believers even before I open my mouth. I spend all my atheistic life trying to not allow myself to have to argue from believer territory, yet the word I have applied to me does that every time. Grrr. But I'm not bitter.