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Posted By: Ron Davies
19-Apr-13 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Subject: RE: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
You're right, Don, about the Birthers. But, as I've said more than once, I am only talking about posters on Mudcat, not commentators or posters in the wider world.

Yet again, Mudcat simplistic thinkers are heavily on the Left.   Very few exceptions--only obvious one is on gun control where we on Mudcat also have our Neanderthals on the Right.

Every one of my proposed bumper stickers has a Mudcat leftist for it--or more than one.

And there are lots of examples:   one of my favorites is the Chavez theory;   it seems clear that you have to have strong wacko leftist tendencies to insist on keeping as an option that the US killed Chavez.    You might as well, as I noted earlier on another thread, keep the option that Churchill purposely withdrew the "Lusitania"'s escort so that it would be sunk, expecting that the loss of American life would bring the US into WW I.

At some point you have to recognize a crackpot theory for what it is. And it's better to put your mind in gear early, and suppress your own prejudices.

Again, if somebody can give us an exact quote by a Mudcatter seriously advancing the idea that Obama is a Kenyan socialist, please do.