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Posted By: MGM·Lion
20-Apr-13 - 02:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: expanded background checks on guns defeated
Subject: RE: BS: expanded background checks on guns defeated
'Based on a long history and the second amendment, guns are not going away' - Spaw
This pessimistic get-out always gets asserted when this topic arises on yet another thread. But it is a terrible council of despair. THEY HAVE GOT TO GO AWAY, can't you see? And even if you think it is none of our biz, I, on another thread, & Stu just above [& acceptably to you, Spaw] have replied to that defence-mechanistic hidey-hole of yours.

Get some of your great academic minds to research on means of making them go away by repealing certain laws and voting down certain mythical 'inalienable rights', why don't you? If there was a disease killing a small but regular number of your citizens, you would have a corps of scientific and medical expert researchers dedicated to finding means of eliminating it, wouldn't you? So have you got one of legal &/or sociological expert researchers similarly dedicated to doing something about these dysfunctional 'gun laws' of yours? And, if not, why not?