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20-Apr-13 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Subject: RE: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Lavengro; "I just hope that others intent on this course of action in a twisted attempt to further their particular aims don't see this as a potential "new tool" in their arsenal. One man shutting down a city with all its inherent cost both in terms of liberty and economics."

I agree with that but I think to go after these guys with the measures and the degree of force they used was exactly the right response. It seems that these brothers (and for all they knew others)had embarked on a bombing campaign. They had to be stopped and those neighborhoods had to be secured as quickly as possible.

As for copycats I think the spectacle that I witnessed on TV had to be discouraging to some aspiring terrorists( okay, maybe not hardcore fundamentalists). If they were watching they saw a small army of police run down 2 murderers and shoot them down like dogs. If the tedious and repetetive 24 hour news cycle was disrupted it was no great loss to me.

It will be interesting to hear Bostonians opinions of the police effort. Their initial response seemed to be overwhelmingly positive.