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Posted By: GUEST,ollaimh
20-Apr-13 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
Subject: RE: BS: Reflections on Religion and Atheism
in my experience most atheists and agnostics are quite about it. it religious people who are constatntly trumpeting their rightness, and righteousness. it's only recently we have seen a few atheists go public and the extreme over reaction from fundamentalists shows how weak their beliefs and ideas are. the almost never address the arguments of atheists, but instead exagerate them out of all proportion and attack the silly versions they have made up. it's called a staw man argument.

i know of no atheists who have cost another a job or housing or even a social position because they were religious. religious people do that kind of discrimination all the time.

most atheists and agnostic don't bother to argue with believers because we know how intellectually challenged they are it they will only get angry, and often lash out in violence or discrimination.

i should include fundamentalist muslims and jews in this, as well as christians.

really get over your selves. atheists and agnostics do not try to force their beliefs on you, they don't try to edit science in the schools to meets their ideas, they don't discriminate against theists. theists on the other hand think any questions are a direct discrimination against them. i am tired of the fatuous article like the one sailor started with, they preach only to the converted.

of course i also think theists have caused much of the war, child abuse and pollution in our world.they forgibe thenselves anything, child rape, war and toture, while never forgiving anyone asking obvious questions