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Posted By: katlaughing
03-Dec-00 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: Help: Good thoughts for Dad
Subject: RE: Help: Good thoughts for Dad
Dear Jeff and Dad,

I am sorry I didn't get to post to this one earlier, hope I get this in before you email it, Jeff. I read it on the first day and have had you in my early morning and late night meditations ever since.

I knew a man who had triple in his 80's, then went on to marry his secretary, who was in her 60's, and lived very well and happily for many more years, and that was in the 80's, 1980's, that is, and I know the techniques, etc. have greatly improved since then.

Spaw: you'd better keep telling that sneeze story, 'cause I do not want to ever have to go through anything that invasive! When they told me I had a 50/50 chance of having to have my aortic valve replaced someday, I immediately thought to myself, "Not if I can help it!" I had just done working in hospital at the time, so knew what that entailed! Thankfully, young as I am, they still think what I have is better than any replacements. I am waiting for the day, and I know they are working on this, when they plant some cells in there, which grow over and cover the hole, no cracked chest necessary!

Jeff's Dad: I've read of studies where it really helped if the person went into surgery visualising what they would be doing afterwards, golfing, shopping, gardening, etc. Keeping these things in mind, as a positive focus and outcome will really help, as well as asking the surgeon to make sure everyone knows to keep their words positive while in surgery.

Wishing you all the best and giving thanks for the best possibe outcome,