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Posted By: Jeri
03-Dec-00 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: Tips for overcoming inertia
Subject: RE: Tips for overcoming inertia
Matt, gravity always wins in the end, but it's the struggle that counts.

I have a close personal relationship with intertia. Sometimes I really enjoy being inert. Other times when I need to get moving I'll do ANYTHING just to get going - pretty much what MichaelAnthony does.

I had a mini-survival course when I was in the Air Force. (Very "mini") One of the things that kills people in close-to-death situations is they can just give into fatalism\fear\depression and give up. The antidote is to just do something. To get moving, you have to start.

Panic can be a healthy reaction sometimes. We react and run around doing all sorts of things, but some of them might be the right things.