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24-Apr-13 - 05:46 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones Project
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
here is an excerpt from the Southern rag interview,
I find it interesting, because it shows how unexposed Nic Jones had been to traditional music from other countries and traditional style singing, which may explain why he was a better guitarist than traditional style singer.
Hedy West was one of the best banjo players and interpreters of old timey american traditional songs at that time, here is the extract, which I find very revealing, Paul Simon and John Renbourn, one a good song writer and the other a good guitarist, but both of them clueless as singers, and neither of them with any understanding of traditional music   
"S.R. Had you actually started going to folk clubs by then?

NJ. Well, only when I saw he[bert jansch] was on at Chelmsford Folk Club. That was what first took me to a folk club actually, to go and see him. And then John Renbourn was there as well, he was booked another week, so I went along, and then I thought I'd go along some of the other nights when there were different people. Hedy West was on and I went there and listened for about two songs and I was really embarrassed. I felt myself blushing because she was singing fol-de-riddle-i-do choruses, and I felt this was so stupid. I felt my face going all red and I had to get out of the room – I was feeling really awful, as though I was going to pass out with embarrassment standing listening to all this, so I got out of there and I only went when people like Paul Simon and John Renbourn were on."
Dick Miles