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Posted By: The Sandman
25-Apr-13 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones Project
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
sorry, i was a little bit careless in my wording i meant to put, and should have put "clueless as singers of traditional songs, and yes, i stand by that statement, simon is a good song writer, renbourn a good guitarist, but neither in my opinion have a clue about singing or interpreting traditional songs., the same goes for jansch, needle of death is a good song and he is a good guitarist, but he does not have aclue about singing traditional songs. I am more interested in why Nic felt embarrassed, compare to ireland where no one would have been embarassed about singing fol de rol
. partly the influence of the clancy brothers and the dubliners. partly a result of Comhaltas and rte integrating folk into the main stream, something the EFDSS failed to do in the 1950s and 1960s, hence their nickname of the time the english folk dance and forget about song society