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03-Dec-00 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
Subject: RE: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
My dad was in India and Burma in WWII and he had little use for the ARC, He said that they sold cigaretts to the GI's that were clearly marked, Gift Of The US Tobacco Industry To American Servicemen. Not For Re-sale.
I think he also mentioned coffee and donuts being sold, but I'm positive about the cigaretts.
I will also say that they were of no assistance to me the one time I asked for help in the Navy. My dad was going from assignment in Germany to Viet Nam and I wanted to see him before he went. My request for leave got held up and I appealed to the Red Cross for help for compassionate reasons. They wouldn't even talk to me.
I finally got it worked out and we had a short visit but no thanks to the ARC.