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Posted By: mg
03-Dec-00 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
Subject: RE: BS: The Red Cross, WWII, and my in-laws
I beg to differ. There is truth to what your MIL says...the Red Cross was forced to charge for donuts and perhaps other things for reasons I can't remember but was officially tought about in OCS. I would just flat out tell your MIL that about the other "services" that unless she has proof she is committing the sin of slander, and very serious slander at that. I worked closely with Red Cross stateside in the Vietnam war. Those overseas did a tremendous amount of good for the military personnel, including going out to remote fire stations with no weapons and no protective gear. I have the highest respect for the men in the US I worked with and the women I have met since who served overseas in the most dismal of places. mg