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Posted By: Steve Parkes
04-Dec-00 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
Subject: RE: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
It ain't me babe! (I'm talking about regionalism now, not Yorksire puds.)

I've never perceived the 'Cat as anything other than an international, or non-national, community. We like to have a dig at each other now and then, but what friends don't? I think there's a definite bias towards anglophones, but that's because most of us English speakers aren't very good at other languages. A lot of UK-ers can speak passable French, while a lot of US-ers can speak reasonable Spanish, but we've still only one common tongue. (Maybe I should rephrase that last bit -- what a revolting thought!) I've had a go at the French in the past, but the truth is there are very few (none?) French Mudcatters. Maybe there's a Chat á Boue oput there, but it wouldn't be much use to me!,br>