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Posted By: Les in Chorlton
29-Apr-13 - 05:23 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Midi, abc and words
Subject: RE: Tech: Midi, abc and words
T:The Flash Stockman
DD|G>D B>A G2G>D|E>C G>E D3 D |
w:I'm a Stock-man to me trade and they call me Ug-ly Dave, I'm
w:old and grey and on-ly got one eye. In the
G>D B>A G2G>D|E>C G>E D3 G/2A/2|
w:yard I'm good of course, but just put me on a horse, And I'll
B>B B>G A>A G>F|G6 B2|
w: go where lots of young-'uns would-n't try. I've
c>c c>c c>cz G/G/|B>B B>A A>G zD|
w:led 'em through the gid-gey, ov-er coun-try rough and rid-gey, I've
G>G G>A B>B A>G|A6 DD|
w:lost 'em in the ve-ry worst of scrub. I can
G>D B>A G/2G/2G GD| E>C G>E E w: ride both rough and ea-sy and with a dew drop I'm a dai-sy, And I'm a
B>B B>G A>A G>F|G6|
w:right down bob-by dazz-ler in a pub.
T: Verses
W:Oh just watch me use a whip, I can give the dawdlers gip
W:I can make the flaming echoes roar and ring
W: with the branding iron well, I'm just a perfect flaming swell
W:In fact I'm boss of every blasted thing
W:To see me skin a sheep, it's so pretty you could weep
W:I can act the silver-tail just as if my blood were blue,
W:You can strike me pink or dead, if I stood upon my head,
W:Then I'd be as good as any other two.
W:A notion in my pate says it's luck it isn't fate
W:That I'm so far above the common run;
W:So in anything I do you can cut me fair in two
W:For I'm far too (bloody) good to be in one.