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Posted By: Jim Dixon
29-Apr-13 - 12:02 PM
Thread Name: Songs About Thatcher
I must say I stand in awe of British political invective. If something like this had been written about Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, it would never get on American TV or radio. The idea that such a thing can be written by a well-known and loved pop star, and appear in a mainstream musical play of West-End/Broadway stature?that's completely mind-boggling to an American. When the Dixie Chicks said something much milder than this (and didn't even sing it) about GWB in 2003, it nearly destroyed their careers, and they ended up making a grovelling apology. Although the 1950s blacklist doesn't officially exist any more, I conclude that's partly because many American performers self-censor.

Written by Elton John
As sung by the original cast of "Billy Elliott" (2005)

1. Can you hear it in the distance? Can you sense it far away?
Is it old Rudolph, the reindeer? Is it Santa on his sleigh?
It's heading up to Easington; it's coming down the Tyne.
Oh, it's bloody Maggie Thatcher and Michael Heseltine.

CHORUS: So merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher; may God's love be with you.
We all sing together in one breath.
Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher; we all celebrate today
'Cause it's one day closer to your death.

2. They've come to raid your stockings and to steal your Christmas pud,
But don't be too downhearted; it's all for your own good.
The economic infrastructure must be swept away
To make way for business parks and lower rates of pay. CHORUS

3. And they've brought their fascist boot boys, and they've brought the boys in blue,
And the whole Trade Union Congress will be at the party too,
And they'll all hold hands together, all standing in a line,
'Cause they're privatising Santa this merry Christmas time. CHORUS TWICE

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