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Posted By: Becca72
01-May-13 - 10:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Natural Insect Repellents
Subject: BS: Natural Insect Repellents
I moved into my apartment in mid September and noticed a few spiders over the winter. However, now that Spring has sprung, they're freakin' everywhere! I came home last night to 5 of the little bastards in my livingroom. With this I cannot live. I've been doing some online research and have found that planting lavender or mint will naturally repel spiders. I also read that mixing peppermint oil with water and spraying the inside window/door frames and cracks and crevices will keep them out.
I sprayed the peppermint mixture this morning. Now my whole place smells like a candy cane and we'll see if there are any spiders when I get home.
Anyone else have any experience in this area? I have cats and am chemical-sensitive (plus I hate the idea of it) so the last resort for me will be to have an exterminator come. I'm sure my landlord will let me plant as an alternative to the expense of having the place sprayed, too.