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Posted By: ChanteyLass
04-May-13 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dementia tips for carers
Subject: BS: Dementia tips for carers
Some of you have had experience caring for people with various forms of dementia. What are your tips? Here is one I learned recently and shared on another thread which led to the creation of this thread.

Apparently people with Alzheimer's at some point start to perceive anything black as a hole. Since most wheelchairs are black, they go rigid when a caregiver tries to lower them into wheelchairs because they think they are going to be dropped through a hole. One patient lived in a home with a black mat in front of the toilet and would walk around to the side and sit sideways on the toilet so she wouldn't fall through the hole (mat). (I just told my son if I ever need a wheelchair and have Alzheimer's to put a light-colored pad on the wheelchair's seat.)

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