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Posted By: billybob
05-May-13 - 06:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dementia tips for carers
Subject: RE: BS: Dementia tips for carers
such good advice Paws,

My father refused to admit that my mother had dementia until he died at 91. He struggled on thinking if he involved a Dr they would take mum away!I tried to help constantly and even went behind his back and got mum to see a consultant who also found it impossible to persuade him.My brother agreed with him and that has caused a rift between us that still exists today. We have joint power of attorney so although mum lives with Billy and I it makes my life a constant battle.
When dad was alive mum was always nervous as she was so confused and dad and my brother got so cross when she couldn't find things in the kitchen for example.It was heartbreaking to watch both mum and dad struggling to cope!

Now mum is stress free and very happy, we are lucky and have fantastic support from her Dr, social worker and professional carers so she is never left on her own. We are working together on a memory book to share with everyone who looks after her. They know all about her family,past and present, where she has lived, holidays, hobbies, even the food, flowers and smells that she likes!

I know that one day she may have to go into a care home but I hope that may not happen,she is 89 and although her health has always been robust, I can see she is getting frailer day by day.

I could not cope without my darling husband, he is a tower of strength.